Monday, July 23, 2012

OpenGL Insights website is online

It has been quite a journey but OpenGL Insights is about to be available everywhere, just in time for Siggraph 2012 and the OpenGL 20th anniversary where copies of the book will be given away during the WebGL, the OpenGL ES and the OpenGL BOFs. To get ready for the release, the OpenGL Insights website is now online!
OpenGL Insights with numbers is 52 authors, 17 technical reviewers, 2 co-editors, 679 pages, 44 chapters and 1 book that we hope you will enjoy! Thanks to all the contributors who made this book possible with their commitments!
A special thanks to Patrick for inviting me to this journey and creating the best opportunity I had to contribute to the OpenGL community.
OpenGL Insights cover based on Chapter 20, Efficient Layered Fragment Buffer Techniques, by Pyarelal Knowles, Geoff Leach, and Fabio Zambetta


  1. Please make it available as an eBook (preferably as a Kindle eBook). These days a lot of people prefer to read using their eReaders, instead of lugging a huge book.

  2. We asked our publisher about a Kindle version, and although there are no firm plans, I am hopeful for it. For my first book, they eventually did one after enough requests.

  3. It seems as though the source code for Cyril's chapter (22) has not been released. I find this to be unfortunate, as there are several references to the code in the chapter, and many would probably find the code helpful. Is there any hope to get an ETA for the code, as Cyril has said per twitter that it should be released (

    Also, congratulation on a great book, it is a good resource for OpenGL.

  4. There's no update on the code for Chapter 22, but I'll touch base with Cyril. I have some students working on a project that could also use it.


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